What's New in HTML 5?

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What are some of the new tags and functions in HTML 5?

What's New in HTML 5?

One of the major differences between HTML 5 and HTML 4.1 is the doctype. It's much shorter and easier to remember. To instruct the browser that you're using HTML 5, all you need to do it include this tag at the beginning of your document:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Like previous versions of HTML, you must have an opening head, title and body with appropriately-nested closing tags. However, you can now use container tags such as "<article>", "<aside"> and "<footer>" to better organize the content of the websites that you develop. Previously, you might have used divs with classes and IDs for the same function. In this way, HTML 5 is much more semantic.

The way HTML 5 handles forms is much improved, too. You can use tags to define key generators, marks and meters and even progress bars. Previously, you might have manually used tables or images to show the user progress while completing a survey, but you don't need to do this when using HTML 5.

Tags for using and show Ruby code have been implemented in the newest specification. Furthermore, you can more easily embed audio and video content with the new HTML 5 tags. A final change allows you to easily create detail and summary blocks that minimize and maximize when the user clicks them.



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