So you want to add a table..

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How do I create a table?

So you want to add a table..

Tables, when used properly, allow webmasters an easy way to attractively organize the content of web pages. Don't be intimidated by tables, they're your friends.

The most important thing for beginners to remember is to make sure that all rows have the same number of columns (that's not to say they have to, but that's a little more advanced topic). Even if the columns are left empty in some rows, they must be included. Now I'll show you 2 things; a very basic table, and the code that produced it. From this basic example you should be able to expand it to meet whatever needs you have. Try varying the number of rows and columns until you are comfortable working with tables. Once you master the table, the possibilities are endless.
Tr = table row td = table column

The 3 Stooges

Now, the code.

<caption>The 3 Stooges</caption>

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