New Type of List

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How can I write a list without bullets or numbers?

New Type of List

While learning HTML, you learned that there are 3 types of lists: the ordered list, which is numbered;
the unordered list, which is bulleted; and definition lists, which place a term flush left and indent
the definition on the next line. But what if you want a list without the bullets or numbers? Give this
trick a try. Create a <UL> as usual, just omit the <LI> tags. Seperate line items with the <BR> tag.
This trick works equally well for images.
Item 1<BR>
Item 2<BR>
Item 3<BR>
Item 4
This produces an indented list without bullets or numbers, like this;

    Item 1

    Item 2

    Item 3

    Item 4

One thing to note about this trick. Although it works fine with Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, it is not in accordance
with the W3C spec, and may not work with other browsers.



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