Common Attributes

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What is a tag attribute?

Common Attributes

In an effort to avoid redundancy, I'll list here the 6 most common tag attributes (more than 85% of html tags list these attributes). These attributes all have default values, which means that you don't have to list them unless you want to change thier values.

ID="NAME" - Document-wide identifier that can be used to give an HTML element a unique identifier within a document.

CLASS="TEXT" - A list of class names (seperated by commas), that indicates that the element belongs to a specific class or classes of style definitions.

STYLE="TEXT" - Provides rendering information specific to this element.

TITLE="TEXT" - Defines an advisory title that will display additional help.

DIR="(LTR|RTL)" - Indicates the direction that the text will be read, Left to Right or Right to Left.

LANG="NAME" - Specifies the language that the element and its content are written in.



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