Embedded Blanks

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Why won´t part of my page display?

Embedded Blanks

Proper syntax is imperative to HTML to be interpreted by the browser as intended. If, when viewing a page that you create, it appears as if an element is missing, this is the first thing to check for.

All HTML tags require that the characters in a name be continuous. You can't add extra blanks within a tag or its surrounding markup without causing the browser to ignore the tag (which is what browsers do with tags they can't recognize).

Here's an example; This requirement means that </BODY> is a valid closing tag for a document body, but that none of the following are legal:

< /BODY>

</ BODY>

</B ODY>

</BO DY>

</BOD Y>

</BODY >

You get the idea. Don't use blanks inside tags, except to deliberately seperate a tag name from an attribute name.



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